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Watch the 20-minute training video to see Dr. Steinsapir's methods.
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Send in before/after photos of actual treatments for us to review.

Quick Quiz

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  • 1. The following characterizes the Microdroplet Lift except:
  • 2.What explains how the Microdroplet Lift reduced forehead lines without paralyzing the muscles of the forehead?
  • 3. How many injections are needed to perform a Microdroplet Lift?
  • 4. Diluting a 100 unit vial of BOTOX with 3 milliliters of injectable saline produces a final dilution of:
  • 5. In performing the Microdroplet Lift in the crows feet area, treatment does not extend below the lateral canthal muscular raphe. What is the rationale for this?

Injection Upload

You are required to submit your before/after photos of the Microdroplet Lift® treatment on actual patients before you can become a reigistered Injector.

This can be done on office staff and/or family and friends. We just want to validate that you are comfortable with the procedure.

Submit Injections


Below are a few helpful resources for training and injections.