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The Microdroplet Lift

Cosmetic BOTOX® has revolutionized the world of cosmetic services. Surgery is no longer the only or best option for enhancing your appearance.

BOTOX® and similar FDA approved cosmetic botulinum toxin products (Xeomin® and Dysport®) used together with hyaluronic acid fillers make it possible to have results that are even better than surgery—without the risk or down time.

If you have had a cosmetic botulinum toxin treatment or have considered it, you are aware that while the treatment improves wrinkle lines, it also often freezes the forehead. This effect is so common that it is a running joke.

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Not Your Mother’s Botox…

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir has invented the Microdroplet Lift®, a new, revolutionary technique used to administer cosmetic botulinum toxin. Based on the microanatomy of the muscles of facial expression, the process lifts and softens the eyebrows without paralyzing the forehead. The method is so novel that it was granted a rare patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Dr. Steinsapir has thoroughly investigated the safety and reproducibility of the treatment in his Beverly Hills practice; now he wants to make this amazing treatment available to anyone who can benefit.

Dr. Steinsapir recognizes that not everyone can travel to his exclusive boutique practice in Beverly Hills to receive this groundbreaking treatment from its inventor. For those who are not local to Southern California or unable to travel for his personalized care, you can use our Microdroplet Lift® directory to find an injecting physician who performs the Microdroplet Lift® close to home.

Better Botulinum Toxin Injection

Real Patient Results

46-year old with forehead lines and a resting brow pinch. In the after picture, she was treated with 33 units of Xeomin® and is photographed 3 weeks after her service. Her forehead is smooth, the eyebrows are lifted, and there is no resting eyebrow pinch. She retains normal forehead movement.

Before & After Testimonial

38-year old with forehead lines and excess skin resting on his eyelids. In the after picture, he was treated with 33 units of Xeomin® and is photographed 3 weeks after his service. You can see his forehead lines have softened, his brow is relaxed and yet he retains normal forehead movement.

Before & After Testimonial

41-year old with subtle forehead lines and a resting brow pinch. She was treated with 33 units of Xeomin® and is photographed 3 weeks after her treatment. You can see that most forehead lines have relaxed and the resting pinch at the brow is softer and she has a general brow lift. This makes her look relaxed and approachable. She retains natural forehead movement.

Before & After Testimonial


What makes the Microdroplet Lift® different form standard cosmetic botulinum toxin techniques?

Standard treatments are focused on paralysis. They don’t take into consideration the science of facial expression. The Microdroplet Lift uses microinjections of botulinum toxin (Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport) to control and shape the brow without the freeze.

Does every doctor offer the Microdroplet Lift®?

The Microdroplet Lift® is only available from physicians and nurses who are registered Microdroplet Lift® injectors. If they are not listed here, they lack the specialized training and knowledge needed to perform this advanced service.

How long does the Microdroplet Lift® last?

The Microdroplet Lift® service like all botulinum toxin services last about 4 to 6 months. Some may choose to have the service a bit soon and other may choose to have the service a bit later. There is no right or wrong about this. It is a matter of personal preference.

I usually get 10 units of Botox. Can I get a 10 unit microdroplet lift?

Unlike services were you basically choose which area to have treatment, the Microdroplet Lift requires the coordinated treatment of the muscles that act to pull on the eyebrow. You get a brow lift without freezing the forehead. Typically a dose of 33 units or 50 units of Xeomin or Botox is used for this depending on your muscle mass. The dose for Dysport will be roughly 3 times higher do to how a "unit" is defined for this product.

Dr. Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD

A specialist in oculofacial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Steinsapir is known for his thorough and deep understanding of the anatomical structures of the face and eyes. It is with this knowledge and his impressive experience that he developed the Microdroplet Lift®.

25 Years of Practice
15,000+ Successful Surgeries
5 Areas of Concentration
54 Peer-reviewed Papers

Extensive Training

Dr. Steinsapir has a level of training and a combination of specializations unusual even in the medical community, having completed fellowships in five different areas of concentration. His practice interests include orbital surgery, oculofacial plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery. He is considered an Aesthetic Master by his peers.

Anatomical Experience

Dr. Steinsapir is a world-renowned pioneer in the development of anatomically-based, minimally-invasive cosmetic techniques. Because of his accomplishments and specialization, he is both a nationally and internationally sought out lecturer and practitioner.

Academic Commitment

In addition to his Beverly Hills private practice, Dr. Steinsapir is a Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, David Geffen School of Medicine. He reviews papers for publication for seven scientific journals and is a Contributing Editor for Dermatologic Surgery. He has published 54 peer-reviewed papers and contributed 8 book chapters.

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