What's Included

Training & Support

Receive Microdroplet Lift® training and instruction from Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir.


Create a personal profile and get listed in the Microdroplet Lift® injector directory.


Use the Microdroplet Lift® brand assets on your website and other marketing materials.

" Smaller injection amounts in more locations controls facial muscles rather than causing paralysis. The Microdroplet Lift® erases facial lines while preserving normal facial expression."

Katherine Whipple, MD

"My patients are pleased with the Microdroplet Lift®. They get excellent softening of their dynamic lines while being able to maintain natural brow movement. They love the natural brow elevation and improved appearance."

Jasmine Mohadjer, MD

Common Questions & Answers

How much does the membership cost?

To initiate your Microdroplet Lift® membership, you pay a one time fee of $300 which includes your first month subscription fee. There after you pay a reoccurring monthly subscription of $75 per month. There are no long-term contracts. If you decide that the Microdroplet Lift® is not the best cosmetic botulinum toxin result you can offer your patients and you are not interested in providing this amazing service, cancel at any time.

What does membership cover?

When you complete your registration and payment information, you will have immediate access to a high quality training video. Most experienced injectors find that they can master this treatment by viewing this video. Membership grants you a license to use the Microdroplet Lift® patent as an injector, use of the registered trademark and logo in your marketing, and the benefits of our marketing campaign and listing as a Microdroplet Injector on our website to let consumers in your area know you offer this amazing service.

How long does I take to complete the training?

It takes about 20 minutes to view the training video. Most injectors will carefully study the video and view it multiple times. Complete the accompanying quiz. We require that you treat two employees or practice friends. You then send us before and after photographs of these treatments to document that you are able to perform the service. We also use these images to help promote your practice. For that reason, we require that your choose two individuals for treatment who are willing to sign the publication release for their images. The after pictures need to be taken two weeks after service. For that reason, you could complete training in as little as two weeks.

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